The Green Knight

The green knight is mysterious character who is magical and possesses the ability to put his severed head back on his neck.

GreenKnight.jpg The reason I chose this depiction of the green knight is primarily because he has a friendly , yet honor,thing going on and of course is very green.
sirgawain.jpg Its quite obvious that this version of the green knight greatly resembles god , or Jesus and there are some Christian themes throughout the text.

9b7c4320a6a1a7b79ad21c9fe89811ef.jpgI selected this version not because I thought this is what the green knight looks like per say but because its a possibility and it could be a retelling in a Norse version.


"I'm in your court by blood , not by virtue."

"Gawain was glad to begin those games in hall,
But if the end be harsher, hold it no wonder,
For though men are merry in mind after much drink,
A year passes apace, and proves ever new:
First things and final conform but seldom."
maxresdefault.jpg "The beginning and the end fold together but seldom. "