Badge One: Grendel's Mother Badge

1. On your personal wiki page, discuss the character of Grendel's Mother:

- In the text, Grendel's Mother is not given a concrete or explicit physical description, she is also not given a name. Her identity consists only of her role as Grendel's Mother, which makes her both a woman and a monster. Even though the text doesn't give Grendel's Mother any type of dialogue or even much of a back story, she is viewed as evil and often pictured as a lizard like woman who wreaks havoc on Heorot Hall after her son's murder. I believe it is possible that Grendel's Mother was not actually evil at all, but rather just an outcast to society like her son, when she went to seek revenge she was expressing her maternal instinct to protect her offspring and get back at the one who took away her child. If Grendel's Mother had been present in the attacks on Heorot when Grendel was still alive, I definitely would have seen Grendel's Mother as an originally evil character, but I think the loss of her only child caused her to become evil and get her revenge. Further, Grendel's Mother is not even labeled as a woman, she is seen as more of an animal, which takes away some of the agency she has when she goes to seek revenge for her son, she as a woman is not simply cowering and grieving but she goes to bat for her son to reclaim his arm and express her anger towards Beowulf. The connotations that go along with her being a woman and not just a monster add a lot of depth to the character of Grendel's Mother, and she is certainly overlooked in some aspects since her character is not given too much of a description or even much time in the novel. Her fighting scene with Beowulf expressed her strength and her anger, she was acting as a protective mother who was facing off with the killer of her son and she possessed a lot of strength and gave Beowulf a good fight.

2. Find three different images (not our graphic novel) of representations of the character of Grendel's Mother and discuss them (differences, similarities, connection to original text, etc.) in your note:

Image One: Maternal Mama Grendel.

Image Two: Mama Female Grendel

Image 2 part 2

Image Four: Evil Mama Monster

- The representative three images I found of Grendel's Mother depict her as a woman, a sea creature, mother and a killer monster. The three images all share a representation of a mother, though some more than others. In image one, she is a sea creature that has very feminine traits, she carries a child in her arms in a very protective motherly position, her arms are crossed around baby Grendel and she looks down at him with a loving but protective gaze, though she does not look totally female or human she does look like a mother here.
In the second image she is exhibited as a woman, without any monstrous or lizard like features, but she does look almost like a cave woman. She is looking down at her Grendel who looks up at her with an admiring gave. In both these images the bond of mother and child is very clear and Grendel's Mother does not look particularly friendly or kind but she does possess the traits of a mother. She has visible breasts in both images and she also has a very protective stance, her body language is similar to that of a mother bear who is protecting her babies.
The images of Grendel's Mother looking very woman and maternal connect to the text in the sense that she is protective of her child and if anything was to happen to him she would seek revenge on the person that brought her child harm. I also added part two of image two, which shows a similar style of Mama Grendel, but she is about to murder one of Hrothgar's men in Heorot Hall, this shows her getting revenge for her child. She is also drawn to be larger than Grendel in the images, mostly because he is a child but this also gives the idea that she is not a weak and fragile woman, but rather she has strength and the ability to fight and protect Grendel if she has too.
The third image I found was very different than the first too, it depicts Grendel's Mother as a beastly hairy monster-like demon, she has sharp teeth and claws and she looks like a giant. Her eyes are red and she looks angry and vicious. In this image she holds a knife out at Beowulf and stares at him with an evil gaze. She does not show any traits of being female, or human in any way. This image does depict the strength in Grendel's mother which connects to the text, but she does not seem to possess any type of motherly image or female image, she is rather just a monster who is seeking to kill, similar to Grendel himself. This image does not connect to the fact that she is a mother in search of revenge.

3. Create a SnapGuide of "How to Be Mom to Grendel":
How to Be Mom to Grendel

Badge Two: The Knight Badge

1) On your personal wiki page, discuss the character of Lanval:
- Lanval is described by Marie De France as a kind, humble, beautiful knight. He is envied by many, he doesn't ask the King for anything yet he is willing to give and serve both the King and the kingdom he lives in. Lanval is a model of what a knight should be, in the beginning of the story he seems to have a very good moral compass, he does not cause trouble, he doesn't even seem to question why the King always forgets about him, "the king gave him nothing, nor did Lanval ask for anything. Now Lanval is very unhappy." (Lanval 113) he does not go after the King, he just continues to live and serve his King even though he feels rejected and under underappreciated.
When Lanval meets the fairy maiden, he seems to fall in love at first sight. She had been seeking him out and claimed she had a great deal of love for him, which does say a lot about Lanval's character, since this ethereal fairy woman is in love with him. The fairy maiden is described as beautiful, she has very aesthetically pleasing traits and she has a lot of agency in her mystical land, "her beauty surpassed the lily and the new rose when they bloom in summer" (Lanval 115) she takes Lanval's breath away. Lanval of course wants to serve and please the maiden because he wants nothing more than to be her's. When the maiden tells Lanval that he has to keep their love a secret if he wants to keep her, he agrees. This is of course going to be tested later in the story, and he fails the test. Lanval is kind and very loyal, but he also does seem to be quick to jump to extremes. When the Queen tries to pursue Lanval, he does not handle the situation well. He seems to forget about the rules of Courtly Love and he rejects the Queen rather harshly saying " Lady, let me be! I have no interest in loving you." (Lanval 118) the Queen of course is insulted by this beautiful Knight's rejection and she begins to insult him, causing Lanval to break his character and his promise, "I love and am loved by, one who should be valued more highly than all the women I know" (Lanval 118) this statement is of course immediately a regret of his, he knows that he has just blown everything he had with his fairy maiden who he so dearly loved.
This of course causes the Queen to become extremely angry, and the King too. They try Lanval for execution and Lanval is more heartbroken than he is fearful of death, he expresses his love for the fairy maiden and he is sad that he will never see her again. Lanval seemed to lose his loyal traits when he was confronted by the Queen, and he did lose a bit of his charm as the model of a good Knight. Although he of course is trying to be good and avoid betraying the King by courting his wife, he still does not handle it well and he used his fairy maiden as a way to insult the Queen, and in a way show off that he was in love with someone so beautiful and lovely. Lanval does have some character flaws, but overall he is a good knight and he does have good intentions throughout the story.

2) Select three of the rules of courtly love and create an audio or video project about their relationship to the text:
-Courtly Love in Lanval
-Video viewer is Animoto, images are from Google Images. Text is from Lanval by Marie De France.

3) Create an image (in any media) of one of the scenes from the text:


(Sorry for all the memes I got a little excited)

Badge Three: The Lady Bertilak Badge
1. On your personal wiki page, discuss the character of Lady Bertilak:
- Lady Bertilak is Lord Bertilak's wife. She is described in the text by Gawain poet as "the loveliest lady on earth" (Gawain 184) she is also described as "more beautiful than Guenevere" (Gawain 184) or it least it seemed that way to Sir Gawain. He immediately thought that Lady Bertilak was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, Sir Gawain described her in detail, describing her rosy complexion, her nobility and her body- he even comments on her buttocks.
Lady Bertilak is not all show though, she is smart and she has a great deal of agency over Sir Gawain in the story. Of course she is his hostess, so she Sir Gawain needs to be polite and kind to her, he also needs to be respectful to the Lord, her husband. Lady Bertilak eventually ends up testing Sir Gawain's knightly qualities by seducing him and essentially giving herself to him, expecting him to take what is there, but he does not. Lady Bertilak shows up in Sir Gawain's bedchamber in the morning, he is of course in the nude and he is so embarrassed, confused and afraid he cowers in his bed and pretends to sleep so he does not have to face the lady. This of course shows that she has agency and some control over Gawain. As the days pass, the Lady continues to test Gawain with her seductive behaviors, she kisses him, she goes to his chambers dressed very scantily and she offers him expensive gifts. Of course Gawain sticks to his knightly code and he remains chivalrous, he doesn't give into the sexual enticement that she presents, but he does give into her offer of her green girdle, that she says will protect him from death.Lady Bertilak takes on the role of a challenge that Gawain has to face for three days in a row, and eventually he is faced with the outcome of guilt and disloyalty because he hid the girdle from Sir Bertilak. Lady Bertilak is definitely a very seductive character but her intentions are deeper rooted, which we find out at the end of the story when The Green Knight/Sir Bertilak tells Sir Gawain that he was testing him all along in the name of King Arthur's court. Lady Bertilak is a very important character, she's central to the story and she takes on many roles throughout the three days that she spends with Sir Gawain.

Lady Bertilak

2. Select a scene with dialogue between Lady Bertilak and Gawain and create an audio or video project based upon a reading of this scene:
- Sir Gawain's Bedroom
Animoto video maker, photos from Google images, text from Sir Gawain and The Green Knight

3. Locate the speech by Sir Gawain towards the end of the text that speaks against women and write a response that you might imagine from Lady Bertilak's point of view:
- Sir Gawain's statement against women: "But it is no wonder if a fool acts insanely and is brought to grief through womanly wiles; For so was Adam beguiled by one, here on earth, Solomon by several women, and Samson was another-Delilah was cause of his fate- and afterwards David was deluded by Bathsheba, and suffered much grief. Since these men were ruined by their wiles, it would be a great gain to love women and not trust them, if a man knew how...Beguiled were they all by women that they thought kind. since I too have been tricked then I should pardon find." - Sir Gawain and The Green Knight, 2415-2430.
-My Vision Of Lady Bertilak's response: Sir Gawain, with all due respect I disagree with your statement. I am a woman, and I do not aim to bring grief to any man on this earth. It was never my intention to cause you harm, I was not trying to get you to fail. I think it is unfair that you can place the blame of all evils in the world on women, without looking at the part that the male played in the situation. You say that women should be loved but not trusted, can you love without trust? How can you believe that women are always filled with deceitful nature? Just because women test men, or sometimes fail like human beings do, does not mean that they are untrustworthy or any less great than a man is. I did not make your choice for you, Sir Gawain. I did not force you to take my girdle, but you made the decision yourself. You may say that I was too seductive, perhaps too convincing that the belt would bring you safety in your future endeavors. But I still did not make your decision for you, that was you Sir Gawain. You chose to break your promise to my husband Lord Bertilak, you did not tell him the truth and you hid from him what you believed would benefit you in your future. It is hardly fair to blame your own actions on other people, and it is unfair to blame the downfall of great men on the women in their lives. Do you believe that because you failed my test, I am no longer a kind woman? Am I simply deceitful and sewn with bad intentions? Sir Gawain, you must look within yourself before you look to other people, you have to take responsibility for your own actions in this life.


Badge One: The Redcrosse Badge

1. Codes of Conduct for the Redcrosse Knight:
  • Thou shalt show bravery even when in fear
  • Thou shalt honor thy Queen
  • Thou shalt represent the every day man
  • Thou shalt act as a savior
  • Thou shalt protect thy woman
  • Thou shalt be courteous
  • Thou should stand for and believe in the one true faith
  • Thou shalt be honest
  • Thou shalt live by honor
  • Thou shalt protect the weak and defenseless
  • Thou shalt never turn away from a challenge

2. Redcrosse Knight's letter to Una when they are separated:

Dearest Una,
I write to you upon our separation. Today I encountered and battled with a knight who goes by Sansfoy, my red cross shield protected me and I defeated the knight and took into my custody his lady, who I have vowed to take care of. But our separation has caused me great pain, Una, I feel that I have lost touch with the one true faith when I lost you in these woods, I feel that I have been cheated out of my faith and I have lost my connection not only to you, but to the Queen as well.
I have encountered many villains, who feel to me like they all embody the protestant church, while I am a man of the one true faith, Christianity; I feel I must battle these villains so I can prove to the Queen that I am indeed faithful to her and her religion as well. My holiness has been separated from you, my truth, and I must seek you out again.
Our separation reminds me that we must stay true to the one true Christian faith, we cannot loose sight of one another though we have been tricked by the villains of the false faith. Stay strong, do not let any man or woman or creature remove your faith from your mind, you Una, encompass the one true faith. I send you protection and I know that God and the Queen are looking over us, protecting us in this trying time.
Love and Faith,
Redcrosse Knight

Above- My image of Error.

Dr. Faustus: mZv00Pe.jpg105e4c47fc6dbdb23a688312db4cbb26.jpg


DR. FAUSTUS (Alleged Doctor) shall sell his soul to THE DEVIL (goes by many other names EX. LUCIFER). Both parties have agreed to make a trade, the soul of Dr. Faustus for the dark magic and superior knowledge and evil traits of the Devil...MEPHISTOPHILIS the Devil's servant also agrees to the terms of the agreement.

(FINE PRINT. The seller shall spend his days in the flames of hell, once the soul is sold to the Devil he will remain in total damnation. The seller, DR. FAUSTUS, may experience mild to severe side effects including but not limited to congealing blood, strange behaviors, desire to box the Pope's ears, desire to steal the Pope's dinner, desire to magically create horns on the heads of his enemies (or just anyone he wants to mess with), strange friends, the use of dark magic, the desire to serve the lukewarm blood of newborn babes to the devil, headaches, nausea, night sweats and sometimes death)




--------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------


This is what I believe the real contract looked like, mostly because I imagine the Devil has REALLY awful handwriting, but mostly because I think the Devil is all about breaking rules so he most likely was not into the idea of a real contract, so perhaps he just had Dr. Faustus sign his name on a line without informing him of all the real consequences that go along with the soul selling.


1. Dr. Faustus could have gone to the Library, where he could have done some research and learned more about his interests in gaining as much knowledge as possible. He would have found many books, lots of interesting literature and maybe even some nice influential friends who would steer him away from this whole "soul selling idea"...

2. Dr. Faustus could have decided to stop magic all together, perhaps stop being a doctor too, become a teacher- a park ranger- a drifter, essentially anything besides being a doctor. He could have lived freely and not taken on so much responsibility!

3. Dr. Faustus could have made some new friends, stopped hanging out with those punks who wanted him to continue learning Dark Magic- he needs some better influences in his life, so he can be a better human being.

3. Poetry Badge

(Sorry some of these are really poorly worded I was super struggling with the rhyming situation I don't know how Shakespeare did this)

Shakespearean Sonnet:

February is over, Spring is beginning
The snow is melting, the ground is like glass
You feel the world starting over again, birds singing
Little yellow flowers grow from the grass
The sun is warm on your skin, memories stinging

I see yellow pollen floating around, a smile will pass
You are laying on the trampoline, thinking
Brittany was the girl who always had sass
Lighting sparklers on the porch in the past
Sitting on the baseball diamond, she was a blast

Your mom bought us ice cream cones, vanilla twist
We used the empty pizza box as an umbrella
You wore a tiny bracelet on your wrist
With every memory of you I could write a novella

Petrarchan Sonnet: (cddc)

When did you feel the last shock of losing someone?
How long has the hole in your heart been empty?
Who said your heart would feel plenty?
Who broke the window? Who said it would only hurt for a minute?
I love you so damn much, that when the phone rings

I throw it at the wall, and when the wall rings
I lose my mind, and sometimes the world spins
Your name tastes like pennies in my mouth
I cannot make excuses for you anymore
You could have loved me better, I'm not a chore

Now, you are nothing but a painful dial tone
Forgetting means a world without you
Start smiling, get busy, tell myself I always knew
Start smiling again, get busy

I read all my favorite books
I drank an espresso at the cafe
They sprinkled your ashes in the Netherlands
I drank an espresso at the cafe
How do you grieve when you don't believe you can

Maybe if I turn up the volume, I will hear you
I wake up, and I wake up and you're still dead
You leave me pennies on my bad days
If you can hear me, I want you to know
That I love you and I memorized the details

Of every memory, every moment
If you can hear me, can you hear me?
Please know that I love you
It could have been anyone