Beowulf Badge 10/1/2015
1) Beowulf is the hero of the Geats. He helps Hrothgar the King of Danes whose mead hall is under attack by Grendal. After Grendal is defeated his mother comes to the hall and she is also defeated.
external image 3779279-5295697281-Beowu.jpg
The pictures of Beowulf are all very different in texture, style, color etc, but also have some similarities such as he has long hair. He is portrayed as a white male. The look he has on his face in all 3 pictures are very serious and stern and revengeful. The differences I noticed are the clothing he's wearing. He only has armor on certain parts of his body. In the second picture he has long blond hair and has clothes on. He doesn't have any Armour on he just has his sword and a the first picture he has a type of body armor on him. In the third picture he has an axe in the two other pictures he has a sword. The first picture is an actual human, the second looks more like a drawing from colored pencil and the other looks cartoonish.